Ho'omau Ke Ola

Innovative Drug Treatment in Waianae, Hawaii

About Us

A Treatment & Recovery Program Based on Hawaii’s Own Cultural and Spiritual Values

Research and data tell us that meaningful rehabilitation must include a total and complete change of one’s life, lifestyle, and values. Ho`omau Ke Ola believes that in Hawaii, such change is much more likely to occur in a learning environment that is based on cultural and spiritual values from Hawaii`s rich past. Mo`olelo, or storytelling of some Hawaii`s legends and history, can engage those who have been reluctant to share their own history and pain. This forum gives opportunity for healing. Hula, another form of storytelling and expression offers similar opportunities for discovery and healing. Malama Aina, caring and nurturing the land, allows one to engage in and experience what a reciprocal and sustainable relationship offers.   Read more >>


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